Sustainable strategies for an interesting urban life

The consolidation of the sustainable city is a broad and complex theme. Sustainability cannot be restricted exclusively to sustainable building or preserving as much of the existing urban structure as possible. We have to avoid the pitfall of reducing the problem to the harmful effects of waste substances and mobility, for example. The assignment has a broader scope. A sustainable city is above all a city that provides space for dynamics. Dynamics in the widest sense of the word: social, economic and spatial. This might appear paradoxical initially. After all, economic or social dynamics often lead to large spatial interventions that directly damage the environment or the landscape. Seen from a broader perspective, however, there is no paradox. A city that fails to develop is doomed to stagnation and this ultimately leads to far greater damage to social, economic and spatial structures. Dynamics is therefore a pre-requisite for urban sustainability
research, strategies, urban design, architecture